Update December 3, 2022: The debut game will need 16 players and several reserve players. There is no fee to play in this game. There are no long range hits in this game. Players will be provided a set of the game rules.

The very first game of SquadGolf is now in the works. The plan is to have the debut game at a golf course in Gulfshores, Alabama sometime between May 18th and May 22nd. These dates coincide with the Hangout Music Festival, which I will be attending. The best candidates to play the inaugural game will be people attending the festival. This opens up opportunity for individuals outside this area to come in and play. The SquadGolf game will only be on one of the above days and for a few hours - long enough to play the game, socialize a bit and then it's done. There is a possibility there could be more games. This depends on response and availability of facilities. For more information you can email squadgolf@gmail.com or send a tweet to @gulfshores or @squadgolf.


SquadGolf Q&A

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Q. What is Squad Golf™

A. Squad Golf is a new sport which will debut for the first time anywhere, in Gulfshores, Alabama in May of 2023. It is a team sport played between two teams who each have eight players on the field. All sixteen players are on the field at the same time. Up to four alternate players per team are allowed as reserve or switch players. The playing field is the same length as a football field – 360 feet. The width is half the size, or 90 feet.

Q. What is the object of the game?

A. The object of the game is to score 32 points before the opposing team.

Q. How is a point scored?

A. Each side of the field is divided into four sections, or quads. The field runs vertical like a football field. Each quad has a golf hole marked by a flag at the end of it. There are two players assigned to each quad. This puts eight players on one side of the field, and eight players from the other team on the other side. At tee off, the first two players (from each team) putt towards the first hole. If they do not make the hole their teammate in the same quad may attempt the hole. Once the hole is made the second pair of team members in quad two begin trying for hole two. It's the same for Quad Three. The first team to score hole in Quad Four wins the point.

Q. Is a player required to try to score the hole on first putt?

A. No. Team strategy allows for two players to work together and achieve the hole in the manner best decided by their or a coach's plan.

Q. Is there is a limit to the number of tries a single player may attempt in succession?

A. Yes. No player may putt or hit the ball more than three times in a row.

Q. How large is the playing field?

A. 360 x 90 feet. Divided down the middle for two teams and divided on each side into "quads" of 90 feet long, 45 feet wide.

Q. It sounds like speed of movement is important in this game. Can players run?

A. No running - but fast walking is allowed.

Q. Does Squad Golf have fouls and errors like other competitive team sports games?

A. Absolutely. There is a boundary line around the entire field and each quad - remember there are four quads on each side of the field, four for each team - has boundary lines. Hitting the ball outside a boundary in this game brings the play back to the beginning of the offending quad. But keep in mind the opposing team is not affected by another team's foul, and can move forward in order to achieve the fourth hole for the point.

Q. What happens if the lead quad player scores the hole on the first putt?

A. Nothing, except the second quad can then begin their play, which unless the opposing team achieved the same feat, puts this team ahead in this play.

Q. What would happen all four leading players on a team made their hole on first try?

A. This is called a Quad. The team scores TWO points instead of one AND the team player in quad four gets a chance at a bonus point by putting the ball from QUAD ONE to QUAD FOUR - A DOUBLE QUAD. Player is allowed three putts to make the score and if makes it scores the team another TWO points. So, this means a QUAD score has the potential of scoring a team a total of FOUR points all based on one play for point.

Q. Who thought up Squad Golf?

A. Preston Brady III, a native of Mobile, Alabama.

Q. I may be interested in being part of the inaugural event. What is the procedure?

A. Visit www.squadgolf.com or twitter.com/gulfshores, twitter.com/squadgolf, facebook.com/squadgolf or email squadgolf@gmail.com

Q. Is there a fee or charge associated with playing in this game on March 26, 2006

A. No.

Q. Do I need to be a certain age?

A. No, there are no restrictions on age, sex, race or anything. For this debut game you do need to be capable of moving quickly across the playing field. (Minors must have written approval of a guardian.)

Q. I have played golf a few times but not enough to have bought golf clubs. Will they be supplied for this first game?

A. Yes, for the premier game everything will be supplied and there is no fee. You may however bring your own putter.

Q. I am not located in the Mobile, Alabama area but may be interested in Squad Golf. Will there be franchises available?

A. Yes, and more information on this subject will be posted here in coming days. Also, Contact Preston at squadgolf@gmail.con